Community Development Manager

Windy weather is a daily part of life on North Ronaldsay, and now that turbine technologies are tested and affordable investments, the NRT has purchased and installed six wind-powered Eoltec Scirocco 6KW capacity turbines.


The self-contained cottage is part of Howar farm which forms the penninsula at the southernmost tip of the island and includes Burrian Broch. From inside the cottage there are views of Sanday and across beautiful Nouster Bay to the pier and the observatory.


Dennishill is a recently renovated croft, which sleeps 4 in two bedrooms. The cottage is very well furnished, with private parking facilities, and is the perfect base from which to explore the island.

Nouster Crofthouse

Nouster; a quiet, carefully restored Victorian building situated towards the Southern tip of the island overlooking a sandy Nouster beach, a stone’s throw from the pier, where you can watch friendly seals and native sheep grazing on seaweed.

The North Ronaldsay Bird Observatory

The North Ronaldsay Bird Observatory; established in 1987 to study and record the migrant birds that pass through Orkney’s most northerly island each year. The NRBO also has a variety of excellent accommodation and hospitality services available, as well as an on-site shop.

Support The Old Beacon

The North Ronaldsay Trust is working to preserve the Old Beacon as a monument that will continue to inspire and educate future generations of North Ronaldsay islanders and visitors. You can become a partner in this effort by making a generous donation to the Old Beacon Project.

Support the Sheepdyke Restoration

Grade A listed and over 180 years old, the Sheep Dyke is the longest freestanding drystone structure consisting of a single entity in the World. Severe storm damage has left sections of the dyke in need of urgent repair, and The North Ronaldsay Trust is raising funds to pinpoint and restore areas in need of rebuilding.

Support The Kirks

The North Ronaldsay Trust has embarked on an ambitious project to enable both the Old and New Kirks to become renewed centres for Island life, buildings where islanders and visitors alike can understand the past, present, and future of life on North Ronaldsay.

Astronomy Project

With the aim of making the Island an International Dark Skies site, North Ronaldsay is planning a Learning Centre as part of the Kirks Project, focused on observations of the Universe.