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You can make a difference for the Kirks of North Ronaldsay!

The North Ronaldsay Trust has embarked on an ambitious project to enable both the Old and New Kirks to become renewed centres for Island life, buildings where islanders and visitors alike can understand the past, present, and future of life on North Ronaldsay.  You can become a partner in this effort by generously making a donation to the Kirks Project.

Why donate? Under the management of the North Ronaldsay Trust, the New Kirk has been renovated and become a repository of Island history, housing the North Ronaldsay Archives Project as well as serving as a site for religious observances and island weddings. The Old Kirk, on the contrary, is at the beginning of its path back to use, having only recently been purchased by the North Ronaldsay Trust.pictish flower The building itself has fallen into a dilapidated condition and urgently needs funding to safeguard it from the elements and restore its external and internal architectural beauty. This process will be expensive, and the North Ronaldsay Trust cannot accomplish this project without your support.

Thanks to donations from supporters like you, both Kirks can once again become vital parts of the North Ronaldsay community. Support the Kirks Project today and join a passionate group of people who are leading the fight to protect the future of these important parts of the North Ronaldsay Community. Please donate today!

Donate safely online:

Please consider donating with Gift Aid if you are a UK tax payer.
There is no additional cost to you, and we can reclaim an additional 25% from HMRC.
To do so, please provide your address when during check out – thank you!


If you prefer, you may mail a donation to the “North Ronaldsay Trust” at the following address:

The North Ronaldsay Trust
Lighthouse Cottages
Attn: Treasurer
North Ronaldsay, Orkney
KW17 2BE
Scotland, U.K.

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