The Trust Turbines

Windy weather is a daily part of life on North Ronaldsay, and now that turbine technologies are tested and affordable investments, the NRT has purchased and installed six wind-powered Eoltec Scirocco 6KW capacity turbines. These will ultimately generate substantial revenues to benefit the NRT and the community, providing over 50KW of clean power to the new Lighthouse complex and the two Kirks.

Although revenues will at first be used to repay the investment loan, soon they will generate funds for new island projects. They complement the many other private turbines in the island, making North Ronaldsay an exemplar of clean energy production. North Ronaldsay is also a site for experimental research into the wind and water movements of powerful tides between the Island and Shetland, and in the future it is possible that tidal flow will be another source of energy.

Wind energy is nothing new on North Ronaldsay. At the croft of Peckhole there was once a windmill, pictured here. The windmill ceased operation in 1908, but the base of it can still be seen today and is a category B listed building. NRT hopes to support a project to rebuild an accurate replica of this nineteenth century windmill. If you are interested in supporting this exciting project, click here to make an earmarked donation.


“These Eoltec Turbines represent a giant step forward for the Trust. They will provide us with an ongoing energy source and revenue stream for present and future projects.”

William Muir

Hooking, North Ronaldsay

Many private residences and businesses such as the North Ronaldsay Bird Observatory have also installed wind turbines.

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