Sheepdyke Restoration

You can make a difference for the North Ronaldsay Sheepdyke!

Grade A listed and over 180 years old, the Sheep Dyke is the longest freestanding drystone structure consisting of a single entity in the World. Severe storm damage has left sections of the dyke in need of urgent repair, and The North Ronaldsay Trust is raising funds to pinpoint and restore areas in need of rebuilding.

Why donate? Without a fully-standing SheepDyke the Island’s rare and unique seaweed-eating sheep could venture inland and, as well as suffer copper poisoning from eating grass that is now incompatible with their adapted oceanic diet, risk polluting their bloodline through cross-breeding with other sheep breeds on the island.

No mortar was used in the original construction of the dyke and therefore skilled, specialist drystone wallers are needed to restore the dyke sensitively and accurately. Every penny donated to the North Ronaldsay Trust Sheep Dyke Fund goes towards replacing another drystone back in the wall.

Thanks to donations from supporters like you, North Ronaldsay’s historic Sheep Dyke can be restored and further protected from future storm damage, and the island’s unique 3,000 year old sheep breed – that is such an internal part to the Island’s community – can continue to live safely on the shore.  Please donate today! For more details on the Sheep Dyke Project click here.

Donate safely online:

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If you prefer, you may mail a donation to the “North Ronaldsay Trust” at the following address:

The North Ronaldsay Trust
Lighthouse Cottages
Attn: Treasurer
North Ronaldsay, Orkney
KW17 2BE
Scotland, U.K.

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