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The North Ronaldsay Trust


Bike Hire on North Ronaldsay

Only four miles long and one mile wide, North Ronaldsay offers visitors an ideal day of leisurely cycling. The North Ronaldsay Trust is pleased to provide bicycle hire to visitors. However you may arrive on the Island, whether at Nouster Pier by boat or Trebb Airfield by plane, bicycles and helmets can be waiting for you by prearrangement.

With its quiet roads where cars seldom pass, cyclists can explore the Island at their own pace, birdwatching, enjoying the sites along the road or leaving the bikes for a quick stroll along a stretch of beach from the many access points to the shore. Plan your ride to include a snack or meal at the Lighthouse Cafe or the North Ronaldsay Bird Observatory Restaurant and Bar.

Memorial Crossroads
While away a day on North Ronaldsay's empty roads
Bikeing to Lighthouse
A lovely way to spend a day with your family

Bike Hire is available on both a daily and weekly basis. There are mountain bikes suitable for both adults and children and helmets are available for all bikes. Other available equipment includes a three-wheeled electric trike, panniers, and baby seat. A three wheeled electric trike is also available for hire. Bikes can be collected and returned at the airport, Lighthouse Visitor Centre, or elsewhere by prior arrangement.

Hire Charges:
  • Per day or part thereof £8.00
  • 24hr Hire £10.00
  • Weekly Hire £50.00
  • Family Hire (4 bikes) per day £25.00
  • Electric Trike per day £15.00
  • Children's bike hire is 50% of the above rates.

placeholder "We loved our visit to North Ronaldsay, especially riding our bicycles to the Old Beacon and talking to the cows and sheep we saw along the way!"
— Phoebe, a young summer visitors to North Ronaldsay




North Ronaldsay by bicycle: the perfect way to enjoy the beautiful summer skies and hidden secrets of North Ronaldsay's beaches. For more information on bicycle reservations, contact 01857 633297, 07526629654 or email bikehire@northronaldsay.co.uk For a list of attractions, picturesque areas, and sites, please visit our "See & Do" page.

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